how long does CBD stay in your system

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

CBD has recently taken the world by storm, with over 64 million Americans have tried this alternative health treatment.  Although CBD isn’t a medically proven cure for any specific conditions, users swear by its health benefits. From...

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what is cbd oil used for

What Is CBD and What Is CBD Oil Used For?

Are you looking for relief from the chronic pain that makes everyday living a challenge? Do you suffer from crippling anxiety, undue amounts of stress, or daily inflammation that puts pressure on your joints? If so, CBD oil can offer soothing,...

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types of CBD

The Many Types of CBD

These days, it might seem as though you can’t turn on the television or scroll social media without hearing about the benefits of CBD. One of 113 identified cannabinoids native to the cannabis plant, CBD stands for Cannabidiol. While the name...

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