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Become a Better Athlete With This Guide to the Best Herbs for Muscle Growth

herbs for muscle growth

Bodybuilding can be a great way to improve your health, build strength, and improve your self-esteem. But you’ll soon discover that it’s almost impossible to get the muscle/fat ratio you need in order for your bodybuilding efforts to really shine. It may seem like the only way to get the body you want is to turn to harsh artificial boosters. Luckily, there are several plant-based solutions that can help you meet your bodybuilding goals. Read on to discover the best herbs for muscle growth and how they can help you in your bodybuilding journey.


Ashwagandha has been a part of traditional and natural medicine for more than 3,000 years. The plant is native to India and North Africa, and you can use both its leaves and its roots as supplements. Ashwagandha is thought to treat a variety of conditions ranging from high blood sugar to stress and anxiety. 

One of the primary effects ashwagandha can have on your body is that it can raise your testosterone levels. Higher testosterone levels tend to promote fat loss and muscle gain, both of which are good for reaching your bodybuilding goals. Taking this root can help you more than double your fat loss and significantly increase the rate at which you’re putting on muscle.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea, sometimes known as golden root, is another herb that has long held a place in traditional medicine. This plant is thought to help lower your cortisol levels, reducing stress and anxiety. It may also help to alleviate symptoms of depression, granting you more energy. 

Rhodiola rosea may also help to improve your athletic performance, which can help you get the most from your workouts. Studies of this herb are still ongoing, however, and there’s controversy about how effective it actually is. It’s a fairly safe herb to use, but be sure to talk to your doctor before you start taking this or any new supplement.

Saw Palmetto

If you live in the southeastern region of the United States, especially along a coastline, you’re likely very familiar with the saw palmetto plant. These small palms have a distinctive fan-like appearance and grow readily in the South. They may also help to promote prostate health and regulate testosterone levels. 

If you’re struggling to lose fat and gain muscle mass, one of the things you may want to take a look at is your testosterone levels. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for making male bodies male, but it can also impact how your body carries fat. Taking saw palmetto may help to bring your testosterone levels back up to a healthy range and promote the kind of body composition you want.


Echinacea, sometimes known as coneflower, is a plant in the daisy family that produces beautiful purple flowers. These plants are also very high in antioxidants, substances that help to keep cells from losing electrons. Preventing oxidation in your body can help to reduce muscle damage and increase your recovery speed after a workout.

Echinacea may also help to reduce inflammation and regulate blood sugar levels. Both of these things can help you to improve your overall body composition and make your workout recovery easier. Reducing inflammation in particular can help your muscles heal after an intense workout and keep your muscle gains on track.


Calendula is a type of oil that comes from marigold flowers, beautiful orange-yellow flowers that are native to southern Europe. It has been a popular part of traditional medicine for centuries, and for good reason. Calendula can have some amazing benefits, including anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. 

While calendula is often used to treat skin complaints such as acne and eczema, it can also have benefits for bodybuilders. Calendula can act as an anti-inflammatory, which can be helpful in recovering after your workouts. It may also help to boost your immune system, which can keep you in the gym more consistently.

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort is a plant that can trace its roots as a remedy all the way back to ancient Greece. One of its most popular uses is as an anti-depressant, which can be useful for people who are trying to use exercise to boost their mood. St. John’s wort can give you the energy boost you need to make it to the gym and keep pursuing your fitness goals.


If you’re familiar with Indian food, you may have run across turmeric before. This bright yellow root lends a distinctive earthy flavor and a brilliant pop of color to a variety of curries and rice dishes. But it has also been revered as a part of traditional medicine for many years, and it’s easy to see why. 

One of turmeric’s oldest uses is as a pain reliever, which can help make your recovery days easier. It can help to reduce inflammation, as well as improving joint function to keep your body feeling good even after a tough workout. It’s a good idea to look for a turmeric supplement that also includes black pepper to help you absorb it, and you should always take this supplement with a meal. 


Corydalis is a beautiful small purple flowering plant that grows in multiple regions of the Northern Hemisphere. There are at least 357 species native to China, and these wonderful flowers thrive in the high tropical mountains of eastern Africa. They can also help you thrive in the gym and can bring a new life to your bodybuilding routine.

Corydalis can help to make your recovery days easier and get you back in the gym with less pain and soreness. It can also help to reduce your stress levels, which will put you in a better mental state overall. The happier you are, the more well-equipped you’ll be to make the choices you need to to get into the shape you want to be in.

Green Tea

Green tea has had a place in traditional medicine for thousands of years and is revered for its health benefits. One of the primary things it can do is help to increase your metabolism, which will help you burn more fat faster. If this is your primary goal, drink three to five cups of green tea a day and watch the fat melt off your body.

Green tea can also help condition your body to use sugar as an energy source, which is helpful on your heaviest gym days. Carb load in preparation for a major workout, and drink some green tea with your meal. Your body will be able to convert all those carbs to energy, supercharging your workout and helping you see better results faster.


Maca is a plant with a thick, woody root similar to ginseng that grows in the Andes Mountains in Peru. You’ll usually find maca ground into a powder or in a supplement pill form that you can take with your meals. This root has been used for thousands of years to handle all sorts of issues ranging from infertility concerns to low sex drive to menopause symptoms! 

Part of the reason maca was popular as a treatment for low sex drive is that it gives you a lot of energy and endurance. Working maca into your diet can help you push harder in the gym and feel more energized while doing so. If you don’t want to take it as a supplement, you can add it to your smoothies or even use it to make protein pancakes!


Although you might know ginger from its role in a variety of different (delicious) dishes, you might be surprised to learn it can actually help you meet your bodybuilding goals! And not just by making your bulking meals much tastier (though that doesn’t hurt either). Ginger has actually had a place in traditional medicine for thousands of years, and for good reason.

Oftentimes when you’re trying to get into better shape, you may discover you have some GI problems. Ginger helps to naturally soothe your stomach and aid in healthy digestion. You can get some crystallized ginger chews or make a ginger tea, not to mention taking ginger supplements if you need a higher dose. 


Oregano is another of those kitchen ingredients that can do wonders for your bodybuilding routine. If you’re unfamiliar with oregano, we highly recommend making your introductions in a pan of Bolognese on your next carb loading day. But this herb does its best work for bodybuilding aid when you take it as a supplement.

Oregano oil has some antimicrobial properties that can help to kill viruses and bacteria that could make you sick. Those days out of the gym can hurt your gains, not to mention throwing off your diet plans. Oregano oil can stop those colds and off days before they start, keeping you on your grind 100 percent of the time. 


The last herb you might be able to pull out of your kitchen cabinets to help your bodybuilding is thyme. This herb works fantastic on poultry and vegetables, as well as in Simon and Garfunkel songs. But it can also spice up your bodybuilding routine and help you keep you on top of your game.

Like oregano, thyme oil can actually help you to fight off little illnesses and infections to keep you in the gym more days. It can also help boost your mood and may help to alleviate some symptoms of depression. This will make your gym time easier and help keep you growing and getting stronger with each passing day! 

Safe Herb Use 

Any time you start taking any new supplement, you should talk to your doctor first. Although the herbs we’ve discussed here are natural, they are also still very potent. Some of these substances can also interfere with medications you may be taking, as well as any medical procedures you plan to have. 

Talk about your health and fitness goals with your doctor, and discuss which herbs you would like to start using. Not only do they have a vast amount of medical expertise, they also know your body’s particular needs. They can work with you to create a supplement plan that will be safe, effective, and custom-tailored to your needs. 

Caution When Buying Online

When you’re buying supplements online, it’s always important that you make sure you’re working with a reputable seller. Unlike medications, the FDA does not regulate the production or sale of supplements. In fact, there is no regulatory body that guarantees what’s in a bottle of supplements is the same thing as what’s on the label.

You should always be sure to work with a vendor you trust when buying supplements online. Read reviews of the seller and make sure they give detailed information about where they source their supplements from. If you find a lot of negative reviews or if the website doesn’t offer much specific information, consider buying from a different vendor.

Find the Best Herbs for Muscle Growth

When you’re trying to increase muscle mass and drop your body fat percentage, it may seem like your only option is to turn to artificial boosters. But there are some fantastic herbs and plants that can help you on your bodybuilding journey. From oregano and thyme to St. John’s wort and maca, you can boost your energy levels, speed your recovery process, and make the most of your time in and out of the gym.

If you’d like to learn more about the best herbs for muscle growth, check out the rest of our site at Lyf Fit. We have information about natural ways for you to get your body into its best shape ever. Check out our vitamin articles today to discover more plant-based solutions for all your health needs.

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