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Sports Nutrition Supplements: The Best Supplements for Pre Workouts

sports nutrition

Sports nutrition plays a key role in athletic performance and recovery. After all, there’s a reason why professional athletes follow strict meal plans and use the best supplements.

As a gym-goer or aspiring athlete, you want to make the most out of your training sessions. You spend a great deal of time prepping your meals and calculating macros for hypertrophy, fat loss, or optimal performance. But what does your supplementation regimen look like?

The National Association of Sports Medicine recommends using whey protein and other supplements. These products can fill nutritional gaps and make it easier to reach your training goals.

A quality pre-workout formula, for instance, will skyrocket your energy and delay fatigue. Depending on the ingredients used, it may also increase your endurance and mental focus. As a result, you’ll be able to train harder for longer.

Interested to find out more? Here’s what you should know about pre-workout supplements and how to choose one that meets your needs!

The Science behind Pre-Workout Supplements

The pre-workout supplements market is expected to reach a whopping $21.2 billion over the next five years. These products are widely used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Pre-workout formulas have the role to increase your energy and stamina during training. Depending on your preferences, you can use them in powder, capsule, or liquid form. Take them about 30 to 60 minutes before hitting the gym.

In general, these products contain stimulants, electrolytes, amino acids, and B-vitamins. Each ingredient has a specific role.

Caffeine, for example, can boost your energy and facilitate weight loss. In clinical trials, subjects who consumed caffeine experienced a reduction in body weight, body mass index, and fat mass.

Another popular ingredient is creatine. This amino acid can improve muscle strength, speed up recovery, and stimulate hypertrophy. Moreover, it may help prevent sports injuries or reduce their severity.

Pre-workout supplements may also contain beta-alanine, a non-essential amino acid. This compound supports physical endurance and delays fatigue.

If you’re sensitive to stimulants, look for caffeine-free formulas. These products can be just as effective as their traditional counterparts but still let you sleep at night.

Now let’s take a closer look at the best sports nutrition supplements you can use before training.

Caffeine, a Natural Ergogenic

Caffeine, one of the main ingredients in pre-workout formulas, may improve overall performance. For this reason, it’s considered a natural ergogenic.

Clinical research states that low-to-moderate doses of caffeine can enhance athletic performance. That’s about three to six milligrams per kilogram of body weight. Higher dosages are not necessarily more effective.

This compound is particularly beneficial when used during high-intensity exercise. Its levels in the bloodstream reach their peak about 15 to 45 minutes after consumption, reports the JISSN.

As the researchers note, caffeine also exhibits thermogenic effects. Simply put, it elevates your core body temperature, leading to increased calorie burn. In the long run, it can boost your metabolism and accelerate fat loss.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can either take caffeine pills or a pre-workout containing this ingredient. Increase the dosage gradually based on how your body reacts. Beware that too much caffeine can make you jittery.

Take L-Arginine for Better Pumps

L-arginine has the ability to increase vasodilatation and stimulate muscle growth. Sure, it’s not as effective as SARMs and peptides, but it has its share of benefits.

This amino acid plays a key role in nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide regulates mitochondrial function, blood flow, and other processes. Your body also needs l-arginine to produce creatine, proline, and glutamate.

As a dietary supplement, l-arginine increases blood flow to your heart and muscles, leading to better pumps. Clinical research shows that it may increase the time to exhaustion and boost muscular endurance.

This compound also promotes muscle growth and repair. When consumed as part of a balanced diet, it stimulates growth hormone production and muscle protein synthesis.

Moreover, l-arginine boosts immune function due to its antioxidant effects. As you know, a strong immune system helps your body fight infections and recover faster from injuries.

As far as dosage goes, most athletes can benefit from taking up to 30 grams per day. For best results, start with three to five grams per day and increase the dosage over time.

If you decide to use Supplementor’s L-Arginine formula, take two capsules daily before hitting the gym. This product also contains l-citrulline, beta-alanine, and niacin for increased energy.

Beta-Alanine Delays Fatigue

Speaking of beta-alanine, did you know that this amino acid is often referred to as the holy grail of bodybuilding?

That’s right—beta-alanine can improve your performance, recovery time, and energy levels. At the same time, it facilitates muscle building and fat loss.

Taking four to six grams of beta-alanine per day for two to four weeks may attenuate neuromuscular fatigue. This compound appears to be most effective when used along with creatine. 

Creatine Increases Muscle Size and Strength

The best pre-workout supplements also contain creatine. This amino acid plays a pivotal role in sports nutrition due to its ability to build mass and strength.

An earlier study reports that creatine may increase weightlifting performance by about 14% and bench press one-rep max by up to 45%. Moreover, this compound can help you build and preserve lean mass while facilitating post-workout recovery.

Follow the Rules of Sports Nutrition for Optimal Performance

A quality pre-workout formula will contain at least two of the above ingredients. You can also make your own pre-workout by mixing caffeine, amino acids, minerals, and B-vitamins.

Consider taking SARMs and peptides along with your go-to bodybuilding supplements. But first, make sure your diet is in check. Follow the rules of sports nutrition when planning your meals for the day ahead.

So, are you ready to take your workouts to the next level? Visit our online store for the highest-quality SARMS, peptides, and training gear!

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