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The Most Attractive Muscles on a Guy, Ranked by Women

Most men don’t know that women rate the body types of built, toned, and brawny as the most attractive. And what all 3 have in common is noticeable and prominent muscles.

Many men may have already had an inkling that women are attracted to muscled guys. So they might be aiming to bulk up soon to get more female attention.

But seeing as there are so many of them, they need to focus on certain muscles to ensure they’re hitting the key ones. Which are the most attractive muscles on a guy anyway?

If anyone’s wondering about the above question, then they’re in the right place. Here they are, as ranked by women. As a bonus, this article will also show how a man can bulk up effectively and also up his game in the bedroom.

6-Pack Abs

In the number 1 spot is the 6-pack abs.

Think about it: one of the first places a woman’s going to look is a man’s stomach, especially if he’s shirtless at the pool or beach. Even if he has toned arms and legs, a flabby stomach won’t be very impressive to anyone who takes one look at his body.

6-pack abs are the best way to be attractive to women since a lack of muscles in other areas can be forgiven if a man has washboard abs.

Also, what’s interesting is on a scientific level, abdominal fat signifies lower levels of testosterone. Biologically, women want to be men who have higher testosterone levels since that means they have better fertility.

So while it may seem shallow to highly value chiseled abs, there’s a little bit of a biological explanation behind it.


There’s just something about forearms that just drives the ladies insane! It’s probably another biological drive where they associate the forearm muscles with a man’s ability to defend them against the environment.

For example, if a man has toned arms, then he’ll be able to fend off other suitors and animals. Or he’ll be able to build women shelter by hand.

Obviously, these things most likely won’t happen, but back in the early days of civilization, they certainly did.

So it should be no surprise that women want mates who can protect not only them, but also any resulting offspring. Their very survival depended on it.


Obviously, men like to admire the posteriors of women. But women like to check out men’s glutes too!

While women aren’t as obsessed with posteriors as men are, there are still plenty of women who love a good backside.

Again, if a man has a droopy butt, then he’s probably not in very good shape. But if his glutes are nice and tight, then he’s telling all the ladies that he works out and takes care of all parts of his body, including his posterior!

The saying goes like this: “don’t skip leg day.” And this is why. Not only will a man’s legs be as toned as the rest of his body, but he’ll also get a nice butt in the process too.


The ladies love to rest their heads against their guys’ chests. A muscular chest can be amazing for them to cuddle up to.

Plus, women find men who have wider chests and smaller hips to be more attractive. So if a man works out his chest and trims the fat in his stomach, he’ll bump his attractiveness up a few levels for sure.

If he’s going to have washboard abs (the number 1 most-valued muscles for women, after all), why stop there? He should tone up his chest as well to get the whole package. That way, he’ll look flawless whenever he has his shirt off.


The shoulders are part of the package deal when it comes to the chest and abs. Most can even argue they’re part of the package when it comes to working out the forearms as well.

Again, broad and muscular shoulders indicate to female suitors that a man is strong and can fend off any threats easily.

And since it’s easy to work out this part of the body when working on the others, why not include them in the mix? After all, it’ll only make a man more attractive in women’s eyes!


All the other muscles on this list are focused on the upper part of the body. But women love some toned calves as well!

If a man only works out the upper parts of his body and skips leg day, it can cause his body to look out of proportion. Think about how awkward it’d look to have broad shoulders, washboard abs, amazing glutes, but pencil legs? It’s almost laughable!

This should reiterate the importance of focusing on the entire body when working out.

How to Strengthen the Muscles

The above covers what the most attractive muscles are on men. For those who want to focus on improving these muscles, where should they start?

The below explains what men can do to bulk up.

Work Out

Obviously, one of the best ways to strengthen and build muscles is to work out. But men need to choose the right types of exercises, or else they risk wasting time with minimal results.

For example, they can try a muscle-building workout routine that will get results fast. By following routines that professionals have put together, they’ll have some direction. This can be especially helpful if they’ve never hit the gym before.

Eat a Better Diet

When working out, men will burn lots of calories, so they need to make sure they’re eating enough to fuel these sessions. Not only that, but they need to be eating the right things so they can promote muscle growth.

In general, men need to eat more protein to help build muscles. It’s estimated that they need about 0.7 to 1.0 grams of protein per pound of their body weight for optimal muscle gain.

Take Supplements

For those who feel like they’re not getting enough protein and/or other nutrients from their food, they can always take supplements to make up for it.

For example, they can take sports nutrition supplements to improve their game. Not only can they take them before they work out, but also after.

In addition, there are things like kratom, as well as nootropics, which are natural supplements that can boost energy and brain power. When men feel their best, then they’ll perform their best too.

Men can bulk up in no time by combining optimal workouts, a good diet, and the proper supplements.

Get Genetic Testing Done

This one might be a bit extreme, but men should give it a chance.

Everyone has their own unique DNA makeup, which means everything is not one-size-fits-all. So even if someone feels like they’re doing everything right by the books, they may be frustrated with their progress.

A great way to figure out what’s hindering progress is to order genetic testing. These testing companies don’t just test DNA; they also customize exercises, meal plans, and diets.

That way, men can bulk up in the best way possible and make the most of their time.

A Man Needs to Make Sure He Performs as Well as He Presents

Not only should a man bulk up his muscles, but he should also make sure he has excellent performance in bed as well. After all, how disappointing would it be for a woman to be attracted to him, get together with him, and then have a mediocre time in bed?

He can prevent this from happening by making sure he performs excellently in bed! Here are a few things men can try.

Get Plenty of Sleep

This might seem like a weird tip, but it’s an important one.

The body repairs itself while a person’s sleeping, making sure they can function at their best while they’re awake.

If a man doesn’t get enough sleep, then how can they do things like work out, remember important details, or have fun hookups with women?

In general, adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. If a man doesn’t make sure they’re getting this amount, he’s just setting himself back.

He might need to reassess what’s important in his life. For example, if he works a lot of overtime, he might want to cut back so he can have a healthier work-life balance.

That way, he’ll spend fewer hours in the office and more in bed, in more ways than one.

Use Condoms

It’s always a good idea to use condoms with any sexual partner, especially if neither is using any other type of birth control or protection. Not only will this decrease the chances of getting an STD, but it’ll also help to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Another benefit they’ll get from using condoms is the man will be able to last longer in bed. For most men, condoms decrease sensitivity in their penises, which means they won’t have to worry as much about PE.

Find Other Ways to Pleasure Her

Even if a man doesn’t last too long in bed, there are definitely ways to still please the ladies. They appreciate when  the man makes an effort during sex, so while he’s recovering from his first orgasm, he can use his hands or mouth on her so she gets off as well.

Then, when he’s ready to go again, he can give penetrative sex another go to show her what he’s got.

Know the Most Attractive Muscles on a Guy

For men that have been struggling with their love lives, that stops now. By knowing the most attractive muscles on a guy, they’ll be able to bulk up in all the right places.

Not only will they feel better and more confident, but they’ll also attract the women they desire.

But they shouldn’t forget to shape up in the bedroom as well. When they can be a great lover as well as boyfriend, then they’ll be offering these ladies a package deal.

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