Your Ultimate and Definitive Guide to Bioceuticals: What You Should Start Taking Today

If you have been feeling like your health routine could use a tune-up, you may want to start by looking into your nutrition first. According to research, over one-third of the US population has at least one risk of anemia or vitamin deficiency. Due to the agricultural evolution, we currently live in a society that is overfed and extremely malnourished of essential vitamins and minerals. The only way to fix this would be to completely change the way our food is grown and cultivated or to start taking Bioceuticals to fill in the missing nutrients we need to be healthy.

The only problem with that is, how do we know which Bioceuticals to take? There are so many options that it is nearly overwhelming to know which ones will improve our health and vitality.

Thankfully, we’ve created this detailed guide on everything you need to know about Bioceuticals. Keep on reading to learn how you can improve your health and live a better life with Bioceuticals. 

What Are Bioceuticals?

Bioceuticals are the highest quality vitamins and minerals that you can find on the market today. They are the perfect way to bridge the gaps between the foods we eat and the number of nutrients that we need to nourish our bodies. 

Depending on where we live, we are limited to only having a certain variety of vegetables, fruits, and proteins to fulfill the needs and processes of our bodily functions.

We need to have a wide range of micronutrients to help our eyes, hair, nails, skin, bones, digestive system, organ function, brain function, energy levels, and vitality. Our bodies may seem healthy, but without adequate supplementation, it could lead to many health issues in the future.

Why We Need to Supplement Our Diet

If you have a healthy diet regime, you may be wondering why you need to supplement your diet with Bioceuticals. Unfortunately, our food is not what it used to be 100 years ago. Since our population has exponentially grown, the demand for farmers to mass-produce our food has grown with that. 

One study done by the Council of Responsible Nutrition discovered the following deficiencies:

  • 35% of the population is deficient in vitamin A
  • 31% of the population has a vitamin C deficiency 
  • 74% have a vitamin D deficiency
  • 67% with a vitamin E deficiency
  • 39% are low in vitamin E
  • 46% of the population have a magnesium deficiency, and this is expected to rise

One of the major contributing factors to this influx of vitamin and mineral deficiencies is because modern farming has completely stripped our soil of nutrients. When farmers have to repeatedly grow plants year after year, the soils become depleted, which is why there is a need for soil fertilization.

Changes In Modern Farming

Because of this, plants now have 75% fewer nutrient content than they used to, plus they are harvested before they are ripe, which also loses nutrient content. This means that you need to eat two times the amount of broccoli to receive the same calcium content that you would have about 70 years ago!

Copper, for example, is another essential nutrient that helps us to form red blood cells, build healthy bones, nerves, and supports immunity. Unfortunately, a study discovered that copper levels in dairy have dropped 90%, vegetables contain 76% less copper, and meat with 55% less.

Changes In the Meat Industry

If you are thinking that you are still able to absorb all the nutrients from the consumption of meat, you may need to think again. While meats like beef are typically high in vitamin B12 and iron, those numbers are also unfortunately affected by modern farming.

Due to the high demands for meat production, cows are force-fed grains which is not a part of their natural diet. This causes the cow to not only develop digestive issues, but it also strips the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from its body. 

Added Pesticides

If you are consuming vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticides, you are unfortunately not receiving the full benefits that they have to offer. This is even if you consume vegetables that are grown in nutrient-dense soil. 

Plants have natural antioxidants called polyphenols, which are stripped when the plant is sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. 

Overcooking Our Food

Eating a hot meal is comforting and delicious, however, if you cook your food all of the time, you may be losing some precious nutrients. Our culture is notorious for overcooking our food, which kills off the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and nutrient content.

If you must cook your food, make sure you are also supplementing your diet with a full-spectrum multivitamin.  

Why Do You Need Bioceuticals?

Now that you understand the importance of supplementing your diet, you may be wondering why you cannot just go by a multivitamin on your next trip to the supermarket. The problem with most vitamins is that they are made from synthetic sources. 

Your body knows better than to absorb these fake nutrients, so they end up being excreted in your urine. In other words, poor-quality vitamins become very expensive urine! Save yourself the money and invest in your health by using high-quality Bioceuticals instead. 

Which Bioceuticals Should You Take? 

It can be nearly overwhelming to figure out which supplementation is best to take, and it all comes down to your specific nutritional needs. For example, if you are a vegan or vegetarian, you must supplement your diet with vitamin B12, iron, and vitamin D. Also, if you have a very busy lifestyle, you will need to supplement your diet with an energy-producing formula. 

We will now cover the most essential Bioceutical formulas on the market, and what makes them a key addition to any healthy diet. 

Green Coffee, Ketone, and Garcinia Blend

If you have been trying to lose weight and cannot seem to drop those last stubborn pounds, this powerful blend of raspberry ketones, green coffee, and garcinia will help you to reach your goals.

Fat comes off much easier when you are fueling your body with the proper nutrients that it needs to sustain intense workouts and handle stress. While many people believe that eating less helps you to lose more weight, this is completely wrong. 

The less you eat, the more your body switches into starvation mode, which causes your body to store extra calories as fat to sustain you until you get your next meal. This also slows down your metabolism, which affects your body’s ability to burn off calories.

Thankfully, the team at Supplementor created a specific formula that is designed to speed up your metabolism. The superior ingredients are derived from whole food sources, which means that your body will recognize it and break it down for use. It is also a very clean formula which means that there are no hidden fillers or unnecessary ingredients.

Some of the benefits of this fat-burning blend are:

  • Improved focus and overall cognitive function
  • Reduced appetite
  • Boost in metabolism
  • Reduction in abdominal fat
  • Improved blood pressure and vascular function
  • Improved sleep
  • Regulated blood sugar levels
  • More motivation for workouts
  • More energy throughout the day
  • Boosted confidence

By combining this powerful blend with a balanced diet and exercise, you are well on your way to having that dream body you have been working so hard for. 

Platinum Turmeric With BioPerine

Platinum turmeric with BioPerine not only helps your body to become overall healthier, and reduce your chances of developing inflammation-related health problems such as osteoarthritis, cancer, and other health concerns. 

A 2017 study performed by Medical researchers discovered that curcumin, which is the potent ingredient in turmeric, helped to reduce the inflammation in patients with osteoarthritis. 

Another study done by the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry found that turmeric is a powerful antioxidant, which protects your body from cell damage due to excess free-radicals. This is essential in this modern world of air pollutants, environmental toxins, metabolic processes, and stress. 

Because of curcumin’s anti-inflammatory benefits, many studies have found that it helps reduce the symptoms and chances of developing certain cancers. One 2019 study discovered that it can slow down the development of breast cancer cells, giving the body a chance to fight it off.

While it was originally formulated to reduce joint and hip disorder pain, Turmeric with BioPerine can also help reduce:

  • Neurodegeneration
  • Diabetes
  • Pancreatitis
  • Digestive inflammation
  • Various cancers
  • Arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Crohn’s disease, IBS, colitis
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Insomnia
  • Boosts libido

Inflammation is the precursor of most diseases, disorders, and mental issues, so the more you can reduce your inflammation, the more you can reduce the chances of developing any health conditions. 

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle is full of inflammatory-causing elements, which makes it even more important to take precautions and lower inflammation as best as you can by using Turmeric and BioPerine.

Alpha GPC Powder

While our life may be much easier than it was 50 years ago, there are many added stresses which have caused an exponential growth in mental health problems. Approximately 8 million Americans suffer from some type of mental health problem.

Thankfully, you can take charge of your mental health by supplementing your diet with L-Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine (GPC). This is a natural choline compound found in the brain, which is responsible for cognitive function, focus, and releasing growth hormone.

This natural formula is derived from soy and helps to promote healthy brain function by stimulating acetylcholine production. This compound is essential for maintaining memory, learning, focus, and promoting the feeling of well-being.

Benefits of taking Alpha GPC include:

  • Better memory
  • Better focus
  • More confidence
  • Increased learning capacity
  • Improved mental health
  • Better moods
  • Improves symptoms related to Alzheimer’s disease

While many studies are still underway with Alpha GPC, it is yet to be concluded just how powerful this Bioceuticals formula really is. 

Nacet Powder

While the COVID-19 pandemic takes over the globe, there is no more important time than now to ensure you have a strong immune system. 

Thankfully, Nacet powder, also known as N-acetylcysteine ethyl ester, can help you to do that. Studies have shown that N-acetylcysteine reduces RNA virus replication and can reduce the severity of many diseases and illnesses such as Influenza A. 

This potent formula also helps your body to protect and produce extra blood cells, which are the soldiers that fight off pathogens in the body. 

NRC Niagen Powder

If you feel that you have been dragging your feet lately, you may benefit from taking an energy-boosting formula such as Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride (NRC) Niagen. Niagen is a B3 complex, that assists your body to produce more metabolic energy and numerous other health benefits.

Niagen is needed to help your body break down food into energy at a more efficient rate. It is also beneficial for other health functions including:

  • Neuroprotection
  • Telomere protection for anti-aging benefits
  • Improved results from exercise
  • More motivation for exercise
  • Increased blood cell count
  • Reduced hearing loss
  • Faster metabolism
  • Increased energy
  • Better mood

If you are wanting to take control of your health, do not waste your time with diet pills and synthetic energy pills that do not work. They will only cause you to eventually crash, furthering your desired results from happening. To see the benefits quicker, combine Niagen with high-quality sports nutrition supplementation.

Find Out More About Bioceuticals

Starting a new nutritional makeover is an exciting process. Not only will you feel better, but you will also look better too. Make sure that you consult with your physician before starting any new supplementation regime, as medicine contraindications can occur.

This is a supplemental program, which means that to get the best results, you must exercise regularly and have a healthy nutritional diet.

To learn more about Bioceuticals and how you can get started on enhancing your health today, check out our online shop

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