CBD Facts For Those Who are Still Unsure

The cannabis market is set to grow even more by 2021, and it’s expected to earn upwards of $2.1 billion. With that being said, it’s essential that those looking to use cannabis understand specific CBD facts.

There are various misconceptions about things like CBD edibles or CBD vape oil and the benefits that they might have for a user, as well as other things that they do. We’re here to blow the dust off these facts and share them with you.

By the time you’ve finished scrolling through this post, you’ll have all the information you need to move forward with your dive into the world of CBD.

CBD Isn’t Psychoactive

Many people tend to confuse CBD with its closely related cousin THC. THC is the main compound found in marijuana and is responsible for the “high” effect that users feel when ingesting the product.

When using CBD, you can expect not to experience any of these psychoactive properties as there are little to no traces of THC in CBD products. This is a stipulation for places that have made the distribution of CBD products legal.

The products must contain less than 0.3% THC to be considered within compliance with the law.

CBD Isn’t the Only Cannabinoid

CBD has been given tons of credit for the effect that it has on users. People state that it helps them to sleep better or reduces feelings of anxiety that they might have. And while this is true, CBD isn’t the only reason for this.

Depending on the extraction process that a cannabis plant goes through, it’s left with thousands of cannabinoids intact. Together these cannabinoids work to produce the effects that users feel.

Don’t worry; later on in the post, we’re going to take a closer look at the different types of methods used to extract oil from the hemp plant.

No One Size Fits All

Have you ever gone into a store for a hat, and when you’re looking for your size, you find one that says, “one size fits all?” This isn’t the case when it comes to finding the right dosage of CBD to take.

When selecting the dosage that works for you, it may take more than one time to try to identify the right one. We recommend that you start with a low dosage, and if that doesn’t work, you should slowly increase in small increments over the course of several days.

By taking your time to increase your dosage, not only are you in control, but you also can monitor the effects and symptoms that you feel when increasing your dosage amount.

Pets Use It

If you thought that CBD was strictly for the use of humans, then you’re mistaken. There are various issues that cats or dogs suffer from that CBD may be prescribed for.

For example, if your pet suffers from arthritis, a veterinarian might suggest using a CBD supplement to help reduce the amount of joint inflammation that the animal feels. By reducing joint inflammation, you can reduce some of the pain that is caused by arthritis.

CBD Oil and Hemp Oil Aren’t the Same

It’s common that when you talk about CBD oil, most feel that it’s the same as hemp oil. We hate to burst your bubble, but these two oils are not the same at all. While hemp oil is commonly used for a variety of things, there is a distinct difference between it and CBD oil.

What you know as hemp oil is extracted from the seeds. The seeds that are used for this oil are taken from the hemp plant. Whereas CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant.

After the oil has been taken from the cannabis plant, it’s then combined with other oils that make it more palatable. These oils might include coconut or olive oil.

FDA Takes Interest

The FDA is responsible for regulating the products that are provided to consumers. This is to ensure that everything we’re using is safe and won’t cause any adverse reactions for us.

Although, the FDA held a meeting in 2019 and now has a firm grasp on the regulation of cannabis and hemp products. Once they began to oversee the regulation of these types of products, they provided information about both the pros and cons of CBD use for users.

There are various forms of CBD we briefly mentioned in the introduction, there are tons of ways to take CBD. You can take it in the form of oil or gummies. If you’ve got centralized pain, you might consider taking it in the form of a topical.

Each variation of CBD has its own form that it can be taken in. And each form helps the user in different ways. Here are all the forms that you can take CBD oil in and how they are beneficial to you.


If you don’t mind the slightly earthy taste of CBD oil, it’s likely you won’t mind taking the oil sublingually. When we say sublingually, it refers to the method in which a user would administer the oil to themselves.

What you do is measure out your dosage and place it under your tongue. After placing it under your tongue, it’s recommended that it remain there for the next 90 seconds allowing most of the oil to be absorbed by the body.

Once the body has absorbed what it’s going to absorb, the next step is to swallow the rest of the existing oil. CBD oil is for those that aren’t in need of immediate relief from the ailments that they suffer from.

CBD Gummies

If you don’t enjoy people questioning you about why you’re choosing to use CBD taking it in the form of a gummy may be your best bet. When taking gummies, you don’t have to worry about measuring out your dosage every time you want to take some.

And you can eat as many as you like throughout the day without people becoming suspicious of what you’re chewing on. Most that select gummies instead of the oil do so because the gummy masks the taste of the oil.

Some of the common flavors that are offered on the market for users to select from include mint, chocolate, orange, and more. Companies are finding ways to make CBD taste more appealing to consumers.

CBD Topicals

As mentioned, topicals are for those that have centralized pain. If you’re dealing with back pain or arthritic joints such as your knees, using a topical in combination with CBD oil might prove useful.

Throughout the day or before you’re about to participate in an activity, all you’ve got to do is take the topical and rub it on the location. You can carry it around with you, especially if you won’t have time to return home to apply more once it wears off.

Usually, the topicals aren’t going to have an overwhelming scent that would make them unbearable to put on your skin.

CBD Vape Oil

Vape oil is a heated topic when it comes to whether it’s good or bad for you. But, one thing for sure is that it’s one of the quickest methods that can be used to deliver relief to those that are seeking it.

What happens is you’ll place the oil in the chamber of your vape pen and then turn it on. Much like heating up other types of oils, you want to ensure that your pen is set to the right temperature.

Once it’s been heated, all you’ve got to do is inhale the vapor that is released by the pen. Make sure that you clean your pen correctly after every use because if not, you won’t reap all the benefits that you would like when using CBD smokeables.

Another bonus to vape oils is that they come in tons of flavors, including blue raspberry, watermelon, and we’ve even heard of things like apple or cinnamon. Some people have stated that purchasing vape oils can get expensive, especially if you want to have a variety of oils at your hands to purchase.

How to Find High-Quality Products?

Not every company that you purchase CBD from is a reputable company. In fact, some people are just after your money and are willing to sell you products that have little or no effect. When searching for the right products to purchase, there are some things you should be on the lookout for. The first is the third-party lab results posted to the site. You want to look further than the fact that they’ve posted the lab results.

Take time to note the year the lab results were completed, and if they list all current products sold by the company. The lab results will provide you with a transparent list of everything that you can expect to find within your CBD products.

Without these results, you’d have to rely on the word of the company when it came to purchasing products from them. What’s their customer service like?

Some companies offer various ways for customers to get in contact with them in the event that the product doesn’t work as they expected or if they need to exchange it. A solid customer service department shows that the company cares about you as a customer and isn’t simply into making a quick buck.

They want you to find products that are going to provide you with the relief that you’ve been searching for.

CBD Extraction Methods

The first method used to extract CBD from the cannabis plant is without the use of any types of solvents. This method has a specific set of pros and cons that come from using it.

When going through the extraction process, there is no need for extra equipment. This reduces the cost of materials and resources used during the process. You’ll also find that more of the plant is used than wasted as with other methods that are commonly used.

Another method that is quite common amongst the industry is the use of the olive oil extraction method. Olive oil is used as a base oil to help carry CBD oil in various products. The bonus to using olive oil is that if you’re someone that wants to extract the oil yourself, you can do so at home.

When using olive oil, you’ve got a higher chance that your finished product will be ranked high in its purity. With that being said, the end product during the olive oil extraction still isn’t guaranteed.

Solvent extraction can be challenging and have its own set of risks, but that doesn’t stop people from using this method. This form of extraction is another one on the cheaper side, and you don’t need nearly as much equipment to perform it as one would assume.

This form of extraction is much easier to use when you’re attempting to produce large quantities of oil to sell, but it can be very explosive.

CBD Facts: The 420 On CBD

There are tons that have yet to get discovered when it comes to CBD facts, but we have no doubt that they will get uncovered soon. Companies use extraction methods to ensure that they provide the highest quality products to their customers.

You’ll also find that CBD isn’t psychoactive and isn’t going to produce the same type of high that you would get from smoking THC. If you’re looking for more information or supplements like Kratom to implement in your life, check out LYF Fit.

They’ve got tons of posts that have information related to health, cannabis, and more.

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