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Full Tilt Boogie: The Best Kratom for Energy, Focus, and Drive

kratom for energy

Kratom is known for the incredible sedative properties it delivers. When you want to knock the edge off a long day, nothing eases your tired muscles and calms your racing nerves like a warm mug of kratom tea.

Yet, did you know that you can also use kratom for energy?

Today, we’re sharing a few insights into how a low dose can give you the perfect, gentle jolt you need to start your day the right way. We’ll also share which strains are ideal for those moments when you need an extra, all-natural pick-me-up!

Why Use Kratom for Energy?

Do you begin each morning with an energy drink? Are you used to heading to the office coffee maker around 3 p.m. every day for an extra cup of joe, trying to power through that mid-afternoon slump?

If so, you know that while these supplements can work, they don’t do so without delivering some pretty nasty after-effects. While you may get a short-term energy boost, you’re usually left with an even sharper decline. That’s why you still fall into bed exhausted, even after a day full of around-the-clock caffeine.

Enter, kratom.

This tree species grows natively in Southeast Asia, and it’s long been admired and used for its incredible pain-relieving properties. When you consume the leaves of this tree, you ingest powerful compounds that bind to the opioid receptors in your brain. As such, it’s been used to help soothe a host of physical and mental conditions ranging from chronic pain and inflammation to depression and anxiety.

When you take a moderate to high dose of kratom, these are the effects you’re most likely to experience. However, adjusting your dose just a little lower can deliver an entirely different experience. Let’s take a look at how dosing works.

Understanding Kratom Dosing

To date, there is no universal, regulated standard around kratom dosing. However, there are a few generally accepted parameters. Your ideal kratom dose will depend on a few different factors including,

  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Your weight
  • Your overall health level
  • Your method of kratom ingestion
  • The strain of kratom you ingest

The basic categories to remember are:

  • One to five grams: Low to moderate dose
  • Five to 15 grams: High dose
  • More than 15 grams: Ultra-high dose (risky)

A high dose will deliver sedation and pain relief most commonly associated with opioids. A low to moderate dose, on the other hand, provides an uptick in both energy and focus.

The Best Kratom to Take For Energy

Especially if you’re new to the kratom space, you might be overwhelmed when you first search online for this supplement. There are many different kinds of kratom available, and each different one is known as a unique strain.

While all kratom strains technically derive from the same evergreen species of tree, they differ slightly. These differences are manifested in the region they’re grown in, the way they are harvested, and how they’re processed. This explains why some strains are popular for sedation and pain relief, while others are better for alertness, stamina and of course, energy.

Understanding this, which ones should you reach for when you’re feeling groggy, overwhelmed or simply in need of a boost? Next, let’s review the top kratom strains for energy.

White Borneo Kratom Powder

White Borneo Kratom Powder is one of the top strains on our list, designed to give you a gentle but effective jolt of energy without leaving you feeling jittery.

In addition to helping you push through your day, it also includes mood-boosting effects, delivering a solid dose of euphoria right when you need it the most. 

White Sandai Kratom Powder

Do you struggle with low mood and find it hard to stay motivated? If so, try White Sandai Kratom Power.

Also known to help sharpen your focus, this is one strain that will perk you up without letting you down. It also works well to stave off fatigue, so you never have to worry about your eyelids drooping at that afternoon meeting. 

White Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Another type of white strain, White Maeng Da Kratom Powder is known for providing a steady dose of energy that can last for a very long time. When compared to short-lived alternatives including coffee and energy drinks, it’s the clear better choice.

Another reason to give it a try? This particular strain has a high alkaloid content, which makes it intense and robust, but always smooth.

Yellow Sumatra Kratom Powder

Both yellow and white kratom strains excel in this category, and Yellow Sumatra Kratom Powder is no exception. This specific strain is best-known for its mood-lifting properties, so brew a dose in a cup of tea when you’re stuck in a slump!

Why are White and Yellow Strains Best?

You’ll notice that this list is comprised of lighter-coloured kratom strains. While others do exist, they tend to deliver soothing, relaxing and calming effects. For instance, Red Vein Bali Kratom Powder is a therapeutic best-seller that’s perfect for anyone under a ton of stress.

The youngest strains of the kratom plant, white vein varieties are bright and full of energy. They deliver a lively jolt that can pique motivation and drive inspiration. Yellow strains are relatively newer and tend to fall between white and green strains, age-wise.

The Kratom You Need From Sunrise to Sunset

If you’re chugging coffee all day to feel “awake”, it’s time for a wake-up call. Not only is this routine detrimental to your physical health, but it can also leave you feeling emotionally drained and mentally groggy. 

It’s time for a change, and you can find it in kratom.

If you’re considering trying kratom for energy, the strains listed above are a great place to start. As you learn more about this supplement, we’re here to deliver the timely, relevant information you need. Check out our post on how to take kratom to get started!

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