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How To Use Sarms For Cutting, Bulking, And Raw Power

If you’ve recently committed a fitness goal to have the rest of your excess fat and bulk up on your gains, many bodybuilders turn to steroids. While steroids can help you to achieve this goal, steroids are extremely dangerous to use.

SARMs are a safe alternative to use to steroids that deliver the same benefits as steroids do. Whether you’re looking to prevent the wasting of your muscles, to build more muscles, increase your endurance, or recover faster from an injury, SARMs can help you.

Are you interested in learning more about SARMs and why you should consider using them? In this article, you’ll discover what SARMs are, how they work, how to use SARMS for cutting, and how to use them properly.

Keep reading to learn more!

What Are SARMs?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, or SARM for short, is a chemical that interacts with the Androgen receptors in your body. Unlike anabolic steroids that impact all of the systems in your body, SARMS will only impact the Androgen receptors that are related to your fat and muscle.

There are hormone receptors located in your body. These hormone receptors are the chemical messengers in your body the carry messages all throughout your systems. Our body produces androgens, which are the traits that are responsible for muscle development, as well as other male traits.

Testosterone is one of the most commonly known types of Androgen. When people use anabolic steroids, hormone receptors are flooded with androgens. Since there is no control over the flood, many people experience the negative side effects Of steroids.

SARMs weren’t originally created specifically for bodybuilders. Instead, they were created for older people in an attempt to stop muscle wasting.

When SARMs were developed, they were created to specifically target the Androgen receptors in your body that are responsible for fat and muscle. At the same time, they also avoid the other receptors that could potentially lead to negative side effects.

What’s the Difference Between SARMs and Steroids?

The breakdown of how steroids interact with your body or how SARMS interacts with your body is listed above. Taking a closer look at how steroids interact with your body will allow you to fully understand why SARMs are beneficial to use and why steroids aren’t.

Not only are anabolic steroids illegal, but the side effects of them are very dangerous. Some of the side effects you can expect to see from steroids include shrunken testicles, live stream, kidney strain, heart strain, mood swings, and aggression.

Since anabolic steroids are illegal, the ones that you can get your hands on are likely full of dangerous chemicals.

Do SARMs Actually Work?

Yes, SARMs do work! However, the journey that each individual has with SARMs is unique. That’s why you have to start your own SARMs journey to understand how your body will be impacted and how much they will work for you.

Some of the factors that will impact how SARMs work for you will include the quality of SARMs that you were taking, your age, your diet, the cycle length, your exercise progression, the dosage, and if you are stacking different types of SARMs. Since there are so many variables that will impact how SARMs are working for you, you realize that somebody else’s journey with SARMs may look a lot different from yours.

How Do Steroids Work?

Steroids are an alternative to testosterone does chemically produced in a lab. Testosterone is a hormone that is naturally occurring inside of our bodies. Many bodybuilders use steroids to increase their strength and muscle growth.

Sometimes doctors will prescribe testosterone to people that are suffering from low testosterone levels. The dosage of steroids helps these patients to function effectively.

Athletes, bodybuilders, and other fitness enthusiasts will you steroids to recreate the androgenic effects that happen when a man goes through puberty. This allows these people to increase the body’s ability to produce muscle.

Other effects that people often see from taking steroids is that it also helps users to improve their performance. As you may already know, when you exercise, the fibers in our muscles develop micro-tears.

As the micro-tears heal, it causes your muscles to increase in mass and strength. Since our body naturally fixes these tears by placing larger cells over top of the torn muscles, this is our body’s way of creating a stronger muscle fiber that won’t tear again.

This process is inside of our bodies is referred to as muscular hypertrophy. The more you train your body, the more cells will be placed on top of these tears. This results in significant muscle growth.

By adding an extra dosage of Synthetic testosterone into your body, anabolic steroids encourage the development of muscles even more.

How Do You Take SARMs?

Thankfully, taking SARMs isn’t very complicated.

Depending on your goals, you can choose to take a dosage once a day or twice a day. Keep in mind that depending on the dosage that you take, the half-life of the storms will be impacted.

If you’re just starting out on your SARMs journey, it would be best if you just took one dosage per day.

You can invest in SARMs products that are available in loose powder, and capsules that contain powder, or in liquid.

SARMs Capsules

SARMs capsules are the most expensive way that you can invest in using SARMs. However, it is the easiest way to get the exact dosage measurement that you’re looking for.

SARMs Loose Powder

SARMs loose powder is the cheapest way to invest in SARMs. However, this is the least convenient way for you to take SARMs.

SARMs Liquid

Liquid SARMs are easy to administer and aren’t very expensive. However, some people do find that it can be difficult to give themselves the right dosage. This is all because of how much concentration there is per millimeter.

What Are the Best Dosages of SARMs?

As we’ve talked about above, there isn’t any specific dosage that you need to take that’ll guarantee to work for you.

Each SARM on the market is very different. While the dosage of 20 mg may work to increase your bulk from one type of SARM, that’s the same dosage that may not work for you for another. Plus, each type of SARM the market has its own different concentrations and strengths.

Starting off, most people begin their journey with SARMs at the lowest dose possible. This is 10 mg. The highest dosage that most people end up taking is a 30mg. However, has some storms are more powerful than others, you should be careful to understand if your SARMs have a required lower dosage.

If you’re stacking, you should be careful to keep your SARMs dosage lower.

How Do You Take Liquid SARMs?

Liquid SARMs are the easiest and most cost-efficient way to take SARMs. If you’re not a big fan of pills, liquid SARMs hold another benefit over the other two available ways to ingest SARMs.

All you have to do to take liquid SARMs is put a few drops underneath your tongue and swallow. Putting them under your tongue is very important, as it allows the signs to absorb into your body easily.

You should be careful not to mix the SARMs with any liquid. Since some of the doses of SARM’s are so small, some of the doses can be left behind if you mix them with a liquid.

The trickiest thing about this method is understanding how many drops of constipation you’ll need to get your proper dosage.

When Should You Take SARMs?

Deciding when to take your songs will depend on the SARMs product you’re taking, the cycle you’re using, and when you want to work out.

Some more advanced arms users will provide themselves with a dosage in the morning and in the afternoon. This is because they want to ensure that their body has a 24-hour dosage of SARMs.

There are other people that only take SARMs in the morning. However, people who take them directly in the morning or are always sure to work out a few hours after taking them.

The majority of SARM’s products on the market have a half-life of fewer than 24 hours. Make sure that you’re careful to check the half-life of the product that you’ve invested in. If necessary, you could always dose up twice a day.

Can You Use SARMs for Cutting or Bulking?

Yes, you can use SARMs for cutting and bulking! While stacking your SARMs may provide you with a unique experience that’s perfect for your fitness goals, let’s take a closer look at the best SARMs to cutting:


This SARMs are beneficial for both burning fat and building muscle. MK-2866 Is also commonly referred to as ostarine. This is one of the most popular SARMs on the market.

Thankfully, this SARMs doesn’t show any negative side effects and is great for building muscle. Studies have found that the side effects of MK-2866 were nonexistent. While there isn’t any official recommended dosage for SARMs, you would recommend cycling MK-2886.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your SARMs dosage, it would be best for you to pair with your regular exercise routine.


Also commonly referred to as Anaboliicum or Ligandrol, this SARMs is another very popular option. Initially introduced for trial usage for elderly people and cancer patients, users have found that Anaboliicum helps to increase muscle mass, increase bone density, and increase sex drive.

There are also no known side effects of LGD-4033. People who use this supplement haven’t reported any signs of liver tissue damage or prostate damage. Many users of LGD-4033 haven’t found that this SARMs helps them to lose fat, but rather is very beneficial for gaining more muscle.


S4 is the SARMs that were popularly used during the Olympics before SARMs were outlawed for Olympic athletes. People who use S4 report moderate gains in both muscle mass and strength, as well as moderate fat loss.

If you’re beginning your journey into fitness and want to jumpstart your gains with the use of SARMs, you may be better off trying S4 than some of the other more powerful SARMs! This is only because of how moderate the gains are with this SARMs.

For experienced SARMs users or experienced athletes, you can stack S4 with other SARMs. This SARMs pairs very well with LGD-4033.

As far as reported side effects go, some users did find that they have trouble seeing at night after using S4 for a few weeks. This may be because the metabolites in S4 binds to the receptors found in your eyes.

While an experienced SARMs user may find this SARMs to not be powerful in comparison to what they’re used to using, this is the perfect SARMs to a beginner to start on.

Understanding How to Get the Most of SARMs

Whether you’re interested in using SARMs for cutting, jumpstarting your journey to fitness, or looking to recover faster from your workouts, SARMs are a much safer alternative to steroids.

Growing in your physique takes a lot of time and tons of physical effort. Using SARMs can help to make the entire process faster and easier to come on without the dangers that anabolic steroids bring.

Keep in mind that the entire process of SARM’s is unique from person to person.

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