Herbs for Muscle Strengthening and Recovery

Did you know that using foods and herbs is a great way to boost our metabolism and energy?

Foods provide us the nutrition we require to fuel our muscles, while herbs can help enhance our endurance and improve things like energy and recovery time.

If you’re hoping to strengthen muscle and improve recovery, we’re here to help with our list of body-loving herbs. Keep reading.


Turmeric is otherwise known as Curcuma longa. It encourages healthy joint function and mobility by supporting the body’s inflammatory response. Its antioxidant action helps support the body following a workout.

The herb helps support the body’s response to occasional pain and promotes usual inflammatory function such as pushing your body during a workout.

One of the active components in turmeric is called curcumins. This is what gives the herb its bright yellow hue. It also delivers antioxidant support.

Curcumins compounds can encourage healthy inflammatory responses and helps maintain general health and vitality, too. They also show promise to support the creation of proteins that help naturally regulate immune cell function. This is excellent to know during any training sessions.

Red Ginseng

If you’re looking for herbs for muscle growth, then red ginseng is an excellent option. A powerhouse of energy, red ginseng is a great choice for a pre-workout boost. It encourages core energy levels by increasing adrenal strength.

This amplifies oxygen availability to the muscles helping with recovery and repair, and has a mild stimulant effect enhancing endurance.

Matcha and Green Tea

Matcha and green tea are both herbs that heighten our metabolic rate. They’re excellent options for before, during, and after exercise.

Matcha and green tea can also enhance cognitive functioning. That means the herbs can be useful in keeping us motivated.

If you’re interested in endurance sports such as long-distance walking, then keeping a warm flask of matcha or green tea to hand may keep you energized and mentally motivated.


Ashwagandha is one of the best botanical products for strengthening your muscles. Historically, it was believed that taking herbs provides individuals with strength comparable to that of a horse.

The herb is available online or in local stores selling herbal supplements and similar products. Ashwagandha also goes by other names, including winter cherry, Indian ginseng, or Withania somnifera.

Anyone taking Ashwagandha regularly is likely to enjoy energy boost benefits and increased stamina. This means that their muscles will also become stronger, which is essential for anyone wanting to build muscle. All you need to do is some exercise, and it may work its magic.

We suggest consuming ashwagandha in the form that suits you best. This may be a tea, tablet, or powder that you can mix into drinks.

Another benefit of ashwagandha is that it’s an adaptogen. It may not work directly on your muscles, but it triggers the correct environment to aid muscle strengthening by boosting your immune system.

Herbs for muscle growth like ashwagandha also enhances the body’s physiological functions. This makes it easy for the body to respond against any types of natural stressors and negative influences. When the body is at its optimal state, it works better and gains muscular strength more easily.

Tribulus Terrestris/ Puncture Vine

Tribulus Terrestris, or puncture vine, works well for men struggling with low testosterone levels. It is one of India’s most popular natural herbs used for centuries to spike these essential male hormones. Typically muscle growth depends a lot on testosterone.

An excellent example is seen in teenage boys whose shoulders broaden and expand when their hormones are soaring. During this stage of growth, teenage boys have higher testosterone levels.

Taking Tribulus Terrestris frequently may considerably boost your testosterone levels, and you may be able to reach your muscle strengthening goals.

Men struggling with erectile dysfunction can also benefit from Tribulus Terrestris as it also helps address this issue.

Saw Palmetto

As we grow older, prostate health can become a bigger problem. However, saw palmetto is renowned as an effective herb improving prostate health. The herb is also known as sabal serrulate.

The herb is known to slow the production of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which transforms testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT.)

DHT leads to an enlarged prostate ad hair loss, and loss of libido. By consuming saw palmetto supplements or using the extract of the herb, you reduce the production of DHT and can prevent some of the common issues middle-aged men and older males experience.

CBD Tea and Edibles

CBD has many positive effects on the body. The secret is discovering the right product for you consuming it consistently. CBD may help reduce cortisol levels when it comes to muscle support when someone active or an athlete performs high-intensity exercises.

This leads to even better muscle tissue growth. It also reduces the undesirable retention of cortisol-linked fats.

As well as this, CBD is one of the best herbs for joint and muscle pain. CBD helps the recovery of injured muscles and reduces inflammation. These all help for muscle growth and strengthening.


The resin of the Boswellia serrata trees is a popular and valued herb in Ayurveda. It’s also called Indian Frankincense.

The herb is traditionally used to aid a healthy response to pain and promote a healthy inflammatory response by naturally reducing specific enzymes. Boswellia also encourages blood flow to the body’s connective tissue and supports healthy, comfortable joints.

Boswellia’s aid for a healthy inflammatory response also strengthens gut health. This is an area of health you may be well aware of if you’re used to long runs and tiring exercise. The herb helps gut health by feeding the mucosal lining of the GI tract.

The herb’s active constituents also help apoptosis. This refers to the end of the typical cell life cycle. It also helps promote healthy tissue growth.

Boswellia also works well with the curcumins in turmeric, which is why the two are often combined.


Echinacea refers to ancient herbs that have played an essential role in treating colds for many years. But recently, they’ve been known to enhance athletic endurance. Today, echinacea is commonly used as a remedy for the central nervous system.

The herb can boost erythropoietin (EPO) levels, making it an even more potent option for muscle building. EPO is responsible for the maintenance of red blood cell production. The redder blood cells an individual has, the easier it is for blood to move oxygen to the rest of the body.

When the whole body receives enough oxygen, it can help anyone building and strengthening their muscles to withstand extended training hours and challenging exercise routines.

Golden Root

Golden root gets its unique name from the positive effects it delivers. It’s also a natural adaptogen that can enhance brain function.

Trying to take it as a tea daily to reduce cortisol levels. This helps to reduce stress. Golden root is also known to lessen belly fat which further helps support athletic goals.

Many people who use golden root claim it can also help treat depression. This can further help individuals focusing on muscle strengthening.


One of the most well-known herbs on this list is ginger. It helps to calm the stomach and aid digestion. It’s not unusual for runners to experience the trots or have nerves leading up to race day, and drinking ginger tea is an excellent way to help those problems without needing to use medication that could have side effects.


Thyme is another spice you may know. It helps speed recovery from illness or infections. An excellent idea is to add thyme to your meals to help boost your mood, fight off colds, and even help clear your skin due to the high levels of vitamin C and A.

Which of These Herbs Will You Try?

These herbs can help you build your muscle strength. Some can also help relax your mind and help you de-stress. Including these herbs in your dietary supplements may help promote growth allowing you to achieve your goals quicker.

There are many herbs and spices available to aid in muscle strengthening and recovery. Some you may easily find already in your cupboards, like green tea and turmeric.

As always, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before adding any of these supplements or herbs to your diet.

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