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The Complete Guide on How Much Kratom to Take For You

how much kratom to take

Thinking about starting to take kratom? It’s estimated that about 16 million Americans consume it. 

When you’re thinking about kratom, you might wonder how much to take. This article will take a look at the answer to this question. Read on to explore a complete guide on kratom and how much to take today. 

What Is Kratom? 

It comes from a tropical evergreen tree from Southeast Asia. It’s native to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. It’s a member of the Rubiaceae family which also includes gardenia and coffee. 

People consume it by chewing the leaves, smoking it, making tea, or taking capsules. At higher doses, it’s said to give you a euphoric effect, and at lower doses, it’s more of an opioid-like depressant. 

In the past, it was used by Malaysian and Thai natives. They used it to limit their fatigue, and increase their stamina and energy. Today, it’s outlawed in some parts of the world including some Southeastern Asian countries. 

The Different Types

The different types of kratom include red, green, white, and yellow. Keep in mind that yellow vein isn’t considered its own strain. It’s a mix of 2 strains, green and white, or green and red. 

White Vein

Many discuss the various benefits when they claim why they take it. They state that the white vein has the strongest potency. This isn’t the right option for beginners. 

It’s stronger since it’s harvested earlier than the other choices. Keep in mind that it has a bitter taste, but you can sweeten it in order to mask the flavor. Many state that white vein gives you energy. 

Red Vein

A popular strain is the red vein. It’s not a stimulant since it’s milder than the white strain.

Many claim that it’s calming and causes a euphoric feeling. They also claim that it helps treat pain or anxiety that they’re experiencing. 

Green Vein

Green vein kratom is a milder option than the other veins. It’s still a stimulant though.

It’s picked when the leaves have reached maturity. Some claim that it has both sedative and energizing effects at the same time. Some state that they take it in order to help with social anxiety. 

Why Take Kratom?

Many take it because they claim it helps with anxiety and pain. Different strains will have different effects. It’s best to research what you’re experiencing to make a decision about which strain is best for you. 

Kratom Dosage

When you’re first starting kratom, you’ll want to start at a low dose and see how your body responds to it. Since you haven’t had it before, your body won’t have a tolerance yet. This is the same for trying a new strain since there are many types of kratom. 

For a low dosage, you’ll want to stay around 1 gram. Medium doses can go up to 5 grams. It’s best to stick with a low dose when you’re first trying kratom or a new strain. 

Beginner Tips

When you’re first starting, it’s a good idea to keep a log and write down how much you take, the strain, and any effects that you experience. If you take it and don’t feel anything for about 30 minutes, then you can take slightly more. 

It’s best to take it on an empty stomach in order to feel the effects better. Stay hydrated while you take kratom since it can dehydrate you, similar to coffee. 


If you’re taking kratom capsules, read the dosage guide that comes with the product. Most capsules have about half a gram of kratom. This is a great option if you’re looking for a discreet and quick method where you don’t have to taste kratom.

For kratom powder, a teaspoon is about 3-4 grams. If you’re looking to only have 2 grams, that’s about half a teaspoon. 

Making Tea

Kratom tea is becoming one of the most popular methods to take kratom. First, place water in the pot and bring it to a gentle boil. 

Reduce heat before adding the kratom, and after adding the kratom let it sit for about 20 minutes. Once it’s done, pour it through a strainer to collect the powder. You can reuse the powder for another use. 

You can also reuse the kratom leaves again after straining them. They can be reusable for 2-3 batches total. 

Pour it into your favorite tea and flavor it as needed. It’s a strong and bitter flavor so many like to add honey or other sweeteners. 

Side Effects

Avoid taking too much since that can increase your risk of experiencing side effects. Some side effects include constipation, dizziness, increased urination, loss of appetite, dry mouth, sedation, or nausea. Speak with your doctor if you experience any side effects.

If you have any medical conditions, are taking any herbs or medications, or are pregnant or nursing, speak with your doctor before you begin. As with other herbs, it can have an interaction with certain medications.

Never mix it with other drugs or medications. This can lead to serious side effects. 

Exploring How Much Kratom To Take

Now that you’ve explored this guide on how much kratom to take, you should have a better idea of what to expect. Take your time picking out the right strain for you and take a small amount your first time. 

If you’re ready to get started on kratom, you can read our guide on whether kratom can help you build muscle. Add it to your next workout routine for maximum gains and potential added focus.